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Japan Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition “PV JAPAN”was opened at the Pacific Exhibition Center in Yokohama, Japan on July 5th. PV JAPAN has been held for 10 years, which is the important exhibition platform for global PV enterprises to promote their brand and develop business. This exhibition covered the whole PV industry including raw materials supply, main and auxiliary materials, machinery equipment, PV cells, PV components, PV engineering and PV applications.


As an invited manufacturer of PV industry in Xiamen, Goomax Energy took a variety of popular products to attend this exhibition. The exhibition invited many famous manufacturers in energy area from different countries, and Goomax energy was honored as one of them.


With the global climate warming and environmental degradation, people were paying more attention to the ecological protection and the use of renewable energy. Japan, as the world's second largest economy, pay much attention to resource security, environmental protection and sustainable economic development. And the solar energy is the best green energy the nature gives us. It is endless and makes the most outstanding contribution to reduce the city haze. 

Several months ago Goomax energy prepared a strong Japanese elites in order to show our ability during the exhibition.


After the exhibition began, the scene was warm and active. Goomax Energy had won many guests' admiration and recognition by professional team and high quality products. Undoubtedly this is the best affirmation to Goomax Energy team. All of us were enthusiastic and explained Goomax’s advanced technology to each visitor by the most professional knowledge, the most sincere attitude and the most enthusiastic service.


We believe that this exhibition will not only make Goomax brand well known in Japanese PV market, but also contribute to the world's environmental improvement.



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