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Great News! Goomax’s 13MW Solar Power Station is Approved by the Highest Standards in Japan Home > News > Company News

On July 25th 2017, good news came from Goomax oversea market dept. that, the ground mounting structure strength calculation of Hyôgo-ken 13MW solar power station jointly constructed by Goomax passed the audit by METI Kinki, Japan. This is an outstanding accomplishment in Goomax’s oversea market development.

Japan METI is one of the most powerful organizations in Japan, whose primary task is to improve the domestic economic vitality, so as to smooth the economic relations with foreign countries. And METI Kinki has the most stringent auditing standards among most METIs in Japan. This time, the strength calculation of Goomax’s solar mounting structure successfully passed audit at so high standard, it is not only a manifestation of Goomax powerful R & D strength, but also the best proof of superior quality of Goomax’s product. 



The project is located in Hyôgo-ken, Japan, the installed capacity of the power station is 13MW, covers an area of about 195 acres, with annual power generating capacity about 14.47 million kilowatt-hour, which will reduce carbon emission about 14.33 tons per year.  It’s rare for such a big scale of solar power plant to be constructed in Japan which is short with PV land resources. This project, which was a heavy task yet with short construction period, was also highly valued by the local government. Since it’s different from conventional terrain, there are high requirements in terms of technology and other aspects. After undertaking this project, Goomax burned the candle at both ends and sent many technicians to the project site time and again. With powerful technology and excellent products, Goomax successfully finished the project construction and got appreciation and affirmation from local industry.


It is reported: at present, less and less level soil for solar power station is available in Japan, instead much is sloping land. The U-shaped steel single pole ground mounting structure designed by Goomax is suitable for tilt land, which could greatly reduce the cost of the mounting structure and save a large number of installation time. The mounting structure is made of high strength 6005-T5 aluminum alloy and galvanized steel Q235, all connections are made of Steel SUS304, which offer high corrosion resistance. Most of the parts are pre-assembled before shipping and require no drilling and cutting at installation site, installation can be fulfilled by simply adjusting and fastening. The project was designed according to the site actual condition, east-west angle adjustment is applied, so soil leveling is no need, which reduced the overall area and improved the total installed capacity on a limited space.




Nowadays, solar industry is developing rapidly, with continually improved technology requirements. Taking this opportunity, Goomax will also continue to work on technology innovation and provide good services, so as to lay a solid foundation for expanding Japanese market and other oversea markets.


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