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Friday, August 31, 2018   Vice President Zhong Qingjie initiated the commencement ceremony of Goomax Screw Pile Plant.

With the hot sales of Goomax brackets in the domestic and foreign markets,the original production and processing capacity has not kept up with the market sales demand, so it is urgent to increase production capacity. The establishment of the new factory will allow the “quality” and “quantity” of the Screw Pile to reach new heights and better meet the next competition of market.

In modern workshops, advanced equipment operates efficiently and strictly in accordance with export standards. In order to promote the continuous improvement and normal normalization of the overall operation of the workshop, the 7S management inspection team conducts a comprehensive inspection on each workshop and evaluation every month.

In the production workshop of Goomax, multiple fully automated production lines operate simultaneously. In this way it reduces manpower, improves efficiency and ensures the quality of product. The number of annual output can reach 1.2milliion.

Screw pile as a new technology of foundation, It has the advantages of simple installation and short construction period.

From workshop to customer, we are strict with ourselves. Quality assurance and speed requirement. Our service is not just talking.

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