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Super typhoon "shanzhu"entry strongly, Goomax's photovoltaic power station is still standing. Home > News > Company News
NO.22 typhoon "shanzhu" (strong typhoon category)  has made landfall on the coast of taishan, guangdong at 17:00 on 16th.The maximum wind speed near the center at the time of landfall was 14 (45 m/s, equivalent to 162 km/h), and the minimum central pressure was 955 hpa.

Wherever the typhoon hit, trees were uprooted.Power poles collapsed and buildings were damaged.What a devastation it is!

When the typhoon passed, Goomax's operations and maintenance personnel launched a timely investigation of the accident.All of the Goomax's photovoltaic power stations in guangdong were unscathed in the face of the "bamboo" ravages.

Not all plants have core designs, and not all stands have Japanese JIS certification.The photovoltaic power station experienced the inspection of two super typhoons of "moranti" on September 15, 2016 and "shanzhu" on September 16, 2018. It can be seen that the quality is the basis of the brand and also the guarantee of the market.
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