Corporate Philosophy: Dedication in Craftsmanship, Intelligent Manufacturing and Technology
In terms of product development, Goomax Energy adheres to the concept of “Spirit of Craftsmanship”, with integration of dedication, perfection, devotion and innovation in Goomax products. “Intelligent Manufacturing Technology” means to use smart technology to achieve energy-saving in future, which highlights the performance of Goomax Energy in the solar photovoltaic industry, such as wisdom, science and technology, environmental protection, energy saving and so on. It helps the company to realize the combination of economic and social benefits, and to achieve common progress with the society.

Core Values: Customer First, Teamwork and Gain-to-Give
In our cooperation with every single customer, Goomax Energy always adheres to the principle of customer demand oriented, thoughtfulness, and problem-settlement, so as to provide customers with valuable service. In terms of team building, Goomax Energy seeks for common goal and pursuit to stimulate the team cohesion and union. As a member of the society, Goomax Energy never forgets its original ideals, always be grateful, keeps making contribution to the society while benefiting from social development.

Corporate mission: Create customer value, seek corporate development, assume social responsibility
Customer Value, it refers to the satisfied experience of customers from Goomax products and services. With the mission of “To Create Customer Value”, Goomax Energy promotes the sustainable development of the company to be greater and stronger, constantly improves our competitiveness in the market, undertakes the social responsibility, and contributes to society and the country.

Corporate Vision: Promote energy revolution and be responsible for future
In nowadays, as the new energy keeps expanding in the energy market, there’s coming a severe reshuffle between new energy and conventional energy sources. As one of the enterprises focusing on solar photovoltaic industry, Goomax Energy is duty-bound in "Promoting energy change, protecting natural environment, and enabling sustainable development ". As the environmental problems are getting more and more serious, nobody can be immune from it. We must take the initiative to promote the healthy development of the human living environment.

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