Exhibition | Goomax in ASEW


From August 30 to September 1, 2023, ASEW held in Bangkok which is the most comprehensive and largest industry benchmark exhibition in Southeast Asia. And it’s widely acknowledged by the local Ministry of Energy and Industry and industry insiders.


This time, GOOMAX team provide professional and meticulous services to new and old customers, demonstrating our strong strength as a supplier with complete industry chain of PV brackets. And many customers learned about the products on site and discussed cooperation.



GOOMAX's Booth




Core Products in ASEW


BIPV Waterproof Carport



Goomax’s BIPV Waterproof Carport is made of aluminum alloy which has excellent corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance. In addition, its low density, light weight leads to easy installation and recycling. Briefly, customizing for different environments, it can provide with both parking and power generation.


Aluminum Ground Mounting System



In order to meet the needs of the Southeast Asian market, Goomax’s pre-assembled Aluminum ground mounting system, which is corrosion-resistant with exclusive design and optimized materials and structures to ensure strength while saving costs, aims to improve construction efficiency and adapt to the application requirements. And it’s regarded as a ideal choice for ground projects by Thai customers.


Zn-Al-Mg Ground Mounting System



GOOMAX Zn-Al-Mg ground mounting system adopts a new type of zinc-aluminum-magnesium material, which greatly improves corrosion resistance which is 5~10 times of hot-dip galvanized steel. In additon, ZAM mounting system has the advantages of convenient installation and low production cost.


Tin Roof Mount

Goomax’s tin roof mount system adopts professional design for different tiles to adapt the roof of different height. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, it has light weight, high strength, durability and stability structure to meet the load-bearing requirements of the roof. Briefly, practicality and aesthetics.


Achievement and Other Exhibitions


The PV market in Southeast Asia is growing strongly. Therefore, Goomax grasps the opportunity and supplies 18MW aluminum ground mount system to help friends in need.


On September 4, President Jack Chen led the team to the project site. Based on local climate, soil and other conditions, Technician Sun gave professional advice and optimized the processes. Briefly, Goomax dedicated to providing customers with all-round and all-stage services.




GOOMAX Project


Goomax specializes in producing high quality solar mounting systems and make the world better. From Sep.5 to 7, we present at the Green EXPO(Mexico) on schedule.


GOOMAX at the Green Expo


In the future, Goomax will continue to pursue the green energy, appearing in Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Melbourne, hand in hand with global partners to embrace a green future.